Sunday, 6 May 2012

Freaky Fun Games: Creeptastic Catacomb Adventures - Fintastic Rescue

The Creeptastic Catacomb Adventures are based on Monster High one-hour Specials! The Fintastic Rescue one is based on the April special 'Escape to Skull Shores'.

Help! Right before going on the boat to Skull Shores, a strange monster in the water took all the
luggage and pulled it underwater! It's up to you to
help Lagoona get the luggage back. On the way, defeat
sea creatures the will hurt you and have fun!
Gold Skull Coin = 100 points
Sushi = 1000 points
Pink Heart = 1/5 of a life
5 pink hearts (you have to collect them) = 1 life

Dodge all the obstacles in the way and defeat sea creature that could hurt you such as electric eels, puffer fish and jellyfish. This game is super fun once you start playing it! Keep a lookout for Phantom Roller based on the one-hour special 'Friday Night Frights' coming July and Trick or Trance based on the one-hour special 'Ghouls Rule'! I got this info from the Monster High website. For more info, leave a comment or check out the games on!

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